Corporate Wellness Programs & Workshops New York, NY

We can facilitate:
Talks, Presentations and/or Workshops
Individual and/or Group Healing Sessions
Event Planning and Fundraising

Sample offerings: Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing, Sound Meditations, Flexibility Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness and more.

Upsoul practitioners can travel to your workspace or event and host your team at our center.

Employee Perks

The benefits of corporate wellness events or programs can be numerous for your company. From encouraging healthy habits in the workplace, reflecting company values, attracting new talent, to increasing employee happiness and productivity. Employers can save money on health care costs long term from illness or injury loss time by promoting a positive work culture that emphasizes prevention and well-being.

Your experience will be fully customized to best support your company initiatives and budgetary needs.

Elevate Branding

Improve your community interactions and promote brand loyalty by elevating customer or client satisfaction with a sense of prioritized attention, care and high-end value.

Together we customize the offerings for your brand's vision and marketing goals in order to ensure the best experience.