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Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioners, New York, NY

We are a community of highly-qualified practitioners connecting with modern seekers in pursuit of holistic health, wellness and personal growth. We provide support through treatments and practices that guide you towards a healthier, balanced and purposeful life. Visit our wellness center in Chelsea, Manhattan or virtually from anywhere in the world. You will experience customized care to support your personal goals.



Hi, I am so grateful you are here. I would like to share part of my healing journey that lead to the creation of Upsoul Center. It started back in 2005 while suffering with mental health issues. I sought conventional treatment for years, only to find that I wasn’t healing but simply coping with symptoms. Through a holistic approach such as working with my energy, bodywork, nutrition, movement and counseling - my life completely transformed with the support of incredible practitioners.

As a healer, I have witnessed the extraordinary results that come with a supportive environment, expert help and consistency. Everyone deserves to live a full life - mind, body and soul. Begin or continue your path towards your highest self at your new home for healing.

Jissel Ravelo

FOUNDER, Upsoul Center


Visiting Upsoul feels like a homecoming. Each time in the space, I am greeted with feelings of peace, safety and warmth. The sessions and healers blend seamlessly making it a cozy and loving place to be.


 Never did I think that a place in midtown could be a (not so tiny) oasis. I was borderline transported to peace during a soundbath experience. Can't wait to go back for more at Upsoul Center!


Upsoul is more than a place of service, it is home. It makes me feel safe to let down my walls and receive the magic it provides. If you are looking to awaken and transcend to your highest self, this is the place to go.


A soon as I entered Upsoul I was hugged by its scent and made to feel at ease. Peace and tranquility is what I found there. I look forward to every visit, it is the most welcoming place for healing!

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