Wellness should be for everyone. For generations, the self-care sphere has revolved around one persona. Upsoul supports members with holistic lifestyle choices that extend beyond the center and into the everyday, making wellness practical and approachable.

Upsoul improves quality of life through many modalities – supporting a more holistic lifestyle by balancing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Offering massage, reiki, acupuncture, counseling, personal training, sound healing and more, the center is a safe and welcoming space to discover a new kind of wellness.

Our Vision

Upsoul seeks to normalize health, wellness and personal growth practices for all modern seekers – making self-care more approachable for every body, mind and soul.

Our Mission

Upsoul supports the modern seeker by providing a safe, accessible and grounding space for nourishing the mind, body and soul through holistic health + wellness practices.

Our Values

Feel seen and accepted.
We are a space where everyone belongs, is welcomed and honored as they are.

Discover your truest self.
Authenticity is a core value of our founder, who created Upsoul to guide people to become the highest version of themselves.

Find your people.
It is important for Upsoul to create a loving and familiar environment where practitioners and members can connect and cultivate relationships.

Get healthy, for real.
Health is on everyone’s mind, but we don’t always know how best to take care of ourselves. Upsoul provides education and support to cultivate health in the body and mind.

Live a more balanced life.
Healing doesn’t always mean cured – it’s about helping our members navigate life’s challenges while staying centered and self-aware.

Never stop exploring.
People don’t carve out enough time to explore their inner selves, so we create opportunities around a busy lifestyle to go deeper within.